Puppy Classes 

Adult Dog Classes 

Pure Dog Puppy classes are really positive, happy places for puppies. Running for 6 weeks with a maximum of 4 puppies per session, these really are a safe place to learn and play. We cover all basic training through games and fun exercises using kind, positive methods. 

These classes are suitable for all breeds/types up to 5 months old at the start of the course; puppies must be fully vaccinated. 


Pure Dog training provides a really happy, safe place for dogs to learn. With only 4 dogs per class, there is lots of space  and support and the classes can be tailored to both the individual dog's needs as well as the overall groups'. 

Covering all basic training using only kind, positive methods, you will learn how your dog learns and how to teach him effectively through fun games and progressive exercises. 

The course runs for 6 weeks, with a weekly hour long session. 

Reactive dogs can be accepted in the class, please ask if your dog would be suitable to join in. 

In light of the Covid 19 outbreak, we have taken all necessary precautions to help minimise the spread of the virus. We only have very small classes and we can hold them all outside in one of our secure areas.