Puppy classes

'Phoebe has really enjoyed the last couple of weeks of puppy training and it’s good to see how much she is learning. Laura makes the classes really easy to understand and is brilliant with the dogs! Thank you so much for your help'. Hannah

'I took our six month old cocker spaniel for some basic command training. The transformation from a shy and retiring dog to one growing in confidence in little over a month was amazing!! I can highly recommend Laura for her excellent training methods which has made  owning a dog a more enjoyable experience!' Steve

'We attended a puppy course and couldn’t recommend Laura enough. Transformed our puppy’s behaviour and attitude. Classes are relaxed and friendly and Laura can’t do enough to help'. Jayne

Adult dog classes

'I took my 13 year old rescue dog to training with Laura and would recommend this training. I like Laura’s technique and the classes are small so are more personalised and great for anxious dogs. Tara has done really well thank you Laura'. Kendra

'Would highly recommend using Laura at Pure Dog Training. Such a friendly and welcoming place to be. Went from my 1 ½ year old Labrador not paying attention to me and pulling really bad on the lead, to now walking along by my side looking at me for treats and listening to my commands. He can now take his focus off dogs when he’s really excited and sit and listen to me. Lovely small group of four so we all can interact. Feels like I’ve got a completely different dog. Thanks very much'. Louise

'I first met Laura through her horse training and liked her methods, so when I saw she was doing dog-training with the same emphasis on positive reinforcement and getting animals to think for themselves, I was instantly interested, and I have not been disappointed. Laura is very clear in how she explains what we are trying to achieve and the stages in which we do it. She is always on hand to give extra advice or help if needed. I have a 14 month old Labrador who is very fizzy and benefiting from the mental stimulation just as much as physical exercise and I can’t wait to get our new puppy started on the January classes'. Rowena

One to One Training

'Laura was recommended by a friend. We had a foster dog who was reactive to other dogs and an older dog who is really anxious. Laura was great with the dogs, friendly and very knowledgeable. She sent me all the information and was happy to answer all questions following the session. She explained everything really well and showed us it in practice. Almost immediately saw a difference with the foster dog and are really excited to get stuck in the work. We would highly recommend Laura'. Lucy

'Thank you so much for your advice about how to get the best out of our dogs. Everything you said made perfect sense and, apart from that, is a much more positive and pleasurable way for us to deal with our dogs. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer.' Jen

'Thank you Laura for the excellent one-on-one training today. Otto is already excelling with his tasks and we’ve already achieved something I never thought we would- some self-control!' Alison

'I cannot believe the difference in Floss, after just one visit from Laura. She now stays with me and is happy to keep checking in with me while playing. Happy to go to bed when it is time. I am a very happy owner! Thank you. Jeanette


I met Laura on Saturday and after a long chat she showed me some things to do with Ted my dog. Normally I have shaking, panting dog when fireworks are going off. Last night was bad but tonight he is a very different dog. He is curled up in the front room with me instead of hiding away upstairs in the bathroom'. Char

'My 2 ½ year old Schnoodle had six training sessions with Laura and she is amazing. Her patience is unbelievable and she’s so knowledgeable about animals’ behavioural needs. I will recommend Laura to everyone I know with dogs. Thank you so much Laura'. Jackie

Scent Work Classes

'I've been attending pure dog training classes with my spaniel 'Beans' from him being a 9 month old crazy adolescent. With Laura's expert guidance we worked on his focus and a range of skills, commands and games in one to one and group scenarios. He also used to pull on his lead constantly but now he only pulls if he knows we're going to dog training as he has so much fun when he's there. 

We attended the beginners and the advanced adult classes and now we do scent-work classes, which has given him even more focus and stimulation. It is just one big fun focussed game for Beans, whose tail never stops wagging throughout but it's also fun for me too!

The classes are always in small groups with maximum one to one time and there is usually a homework to develop the skills further between sessions. I really like the fact that Laura also assigns each class into indivudual Facebook groups so that we can share any questions we might have or videos of our training homeworks being put into practice with each other. Laura also shares her own videos with her own dogs which is really helpful. I can't recommend pure dog training enough!' Jaime 

'I enrolled onto the scent work course with my almost 13 -year-old collie and we are having a fabulous time. We are also provided with all of the equipment and materials we need to work and progress. Loving Laura’s approach and technique and I fully recommend her to anyone.' Anita

Just some of the happy dogs who I have met!