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Scent Detection

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It has become my mission in life to find fulfilling jobs for working dogs who are currently self employed as garden diggers, rabbit chasers, hedgerow divers and sofa chewers… and put them to work doing something they, and their humans will love doing together. Take your average working breed dog; let’s say a spaniel, and think about what they were originally for: to be a hunter’s companion, bred to find, flush and fetch game. Some sources suggest they have been around since the romans were here. This behaviour has therefore been hardwired into their DNA for centuries. They think they are supposed to chase birds and hunt rabbits! Don’t get me wrong, I think these dogs are wonderful to spend time with and personally have 4! However, they are not without their challenges. Often owners approach us trainers with challenges related to this hunting- their dog would rather be off checking the hedges for rabbits or the horizon for birds, than listen to you and actually come back to you when you call them. What if you could harness this innate sniffing? What if you could channel their hunting? What if you could build real focus and concentration? What if you could do all this while developing an incredible bond with your dog? Scent detection is one of the best, most stimulating activities you can do with your dog and it is suitable for every dog. Scent detection training with Pure Dog Adventure training is vastly different to many other training establishments. We don’t just search boxes and tables and chairs in a village hall; we search whole barns, offices, classrooms, paintball towns and even railway museums! Starting at the very start, with imprinting an odour (we have plenty to choose from), building a systematic search and teaching an indication. We always begin with confidence, for both dog and handler and we then progress through building motivation and developing skills. All our dogs leave us happy tired.

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