scent detection

Scent detection offers a great way to channel excess energy and build focus and concentration. It is also great fun and so mentally stimulating for all dogs regardless of age, type or breed.

Classes are relaxed, fun and progressive. 

We cover: 

Indication (how does your dog tell us they have found what they are looking for?)

Searching (Confidence above all else, and a systematic search technique.)

Odour Imprinting (How to teach your dog to recognise what we want them to search for)

There are several classes available; Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and Thursday and Saturday lunchtime.

Alternatively, for those people that can't commit to a weekly class, there is a monthly workshop series. For this, you would come to a monthly class to skill up and then have a weekly virtual lesson.

Please contact me for more information or to book a place.


Find us at:


Pure Dog Training Adventure Training Scenter, Sniffari Park and Secure Field 

Teesside Airport


07850 632928