Pure Dog Training: Adventure Training scenter, Sniffari park and secure field

My truly amazing 'Adventure Training Scenter' came about after visiting lots of other training venues; I took some of the best ideas and used them to achieve my dream training area. 

The whole site extends to 5 acres and I have split this up into three areas:

Adventure Training Scenter

This area includes my brand new purpose built training cabin. A large, light and welcoming space, utilised for training classes, workshops, private one to one training sessions and special events. This comfortable building has been staged in such a way that it is inviting and relaxing for dogs. 

Outside is a secure, garden area for dogs and their owners to wait for classes and to have a drink and relax.

Further to that is a large secure training area, perfect for classes, workshops and recall sessions.


Sniffari Park

Part of my Adventure Training Scenter is a brand new purpose built Sniffari Park.

Set in 1 and a half acres, there are so many different sniffing zones, each with a different type of search hide set up. From a bank of cars, buried hide areas, hanging hide areas, route searches, climbing frames, scent walls and a wood! 

We are adding new elements all the time; it is a great place to play!

The Sniffari Park is only available to the dogs attending scent work classes and mantrailing workshops. 

Secure Field

With 6 foot high secure fencing and easy parking, our new field is perfect for stress free walks with your dog. A large play area leads to meandering tracks through waist high grasses; there are huge holes and tree branches to explore.

When you book the field, you have the whole field for your sole use.