Pure Foundations Interactive Online Cour
Pure Foundations Interactive Online Cour

starts 15th February, suitable for all dogs

Lifetime access to step by step videos in the puppy vault

Over 110 videos to guide you through the most important topics:

Rock solid foundations - Finding your dog's inner most motivators, super charge play and build incredible connection. 

Focus - Build super strong focus and enthusiastic engagement amidst distractions.

Enjoy walks - Look forward to walks with your dog that are fun and enjoyable for everyone!  Unlock the freedom of off lead ambles and easy lead walking as you build the essential skills your dog needs.

Perfect Manners- Develop self control, asking nicely, polite greetings without jumping up and can settle down on mat, wherever you take them.

Confidence - Learn how to boost emotional confidence and body awareness;  properly socialise your dog so they develop into a robust, resilient individual, whilst avoiding common pitfalls which can cause issues later on. 

You'll also learn some really fun tricks to build connection, enhance engagement and show off to friends and family.

There is also coaching to help you to skill up as an owner; learn how dogs learn, how to break tasks down into manageable chunks and improve your timing. You will learn how to teach any behaviour that you want, with confidence, with all the support that you need.

Join our private Facebook training group and become part of the Perfect Puppy Family. Enjoy LIVE Q&A's, additional training games, the opportunity to connect with like minded puppy owners, share in each others successes and surround yourself with others on the same journey, in a private, special place. Upload your training videos and get expert coaching to help you achieve even your biggest goals. Ask questions, post your successes and struggles and get ready to take your training to the next level and unlock your dream life with your puppy.





Join Laura for weekly live coaching, Q&A and extra help as we guide you through the 8 week Puppy Power Program. If you can't make the sessions live, don't worry as these will be recorded and posted in the private Facebook group and sent to your email for you to catch up on at a time which works for you

live weekly group coaching sessions over the 8 week program

Dedicated facebook community group