Scent Work

There are a myriad of ways in which dogs have been trained to employ their incredible olfactory skills: from sussing out cancer and narcotics, locating endangered and invasive species, as well as finding missing people.
Scent work classes are a fabulous way to harness the amazing nasal ability of our pet dogs. We will teach them to search for a particular odour and a fancy freeze indication to alert us.
We will visit local establishments to practice real life scenario searches as well!
The classes can be booked as a block of 6. They have a rolling start date and classes run on Saturdays, on a morning and an afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and on a Thursday lunchtime.  The classes run for 90 minutes. I am fortunate to have a choice of venues and we can move around according to what exercises we wan to practice.  
Scent work classes are suitable for all dogs, regardless of breed, type or age and we can cater for reactive dogs as well. They are so mentally stimulating and really fun!

I am a certified instructor with the UK College of Scent Dogs and am also a certified Scent Work UK instructor and judge.


I hold regular Scent Work UK trials and competitions.


I am often on training courses, learning from the finest instructors in their fields so that I can best support dogs and owners and keep my knowledge current. 


Mantrailing is an exciting new dog sport where you and your dog work as a team to hunt for a missing person, following a specific trail left behind.

Harnessing their incredible sniffing abilty and coupling it with amazing handling skills, you will be able to search for and find missing people across varied terrain. Dogs work on a long line and harness, and work one at a time so this sport is very inclusive; reactive dogs are welcome to play as well. I will be running mantrailing workshops and regular trails. If you are on Facebook, you will be able to see all my posts and event dates if you like my Pure Dog Training page.  Alternatively, use the contact page to get in touch and register your interest. 

I have recently completed, and passed an operational course with the British Mantrailing Academy, qualifying with my young Cocker Spaniel, Evie. We have also been awarded our team ticket. 


Canine Hoopers is a really accessible, fun sport, suitable for any breed or age of dog. Unlike Flyball or Agility, Canine Hoopers has no jumps or weaves, making it really low impact. Courses consist of a series of hoops and tunnels for dogs to run through, mats for them to stop on and barrels for them to run around. It is a bit like giant croquet for dogs! 

We practice on a huge, enclosed grassy field and groups are kept small to ensure lots of support and time to practice. 

We currently meet on a Saturday morning and a Tuesday evening. If you would like to join one of our very friendly, supportive groups, get in touch.