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Gundog Training, Scent Detection and Mantrailing for Pet Dogs

Spaniels live to hunt! Scent detection, mantrailing and gundog training offer them the opportunity to do exactly that! Through our fun games and exercises, you will develop an incredible relationship with your dog, through harnessing their amazing abilities



I feel you!!!

As the very happy owner of 2 young springer spaniels, Piper and Saga; and two cocker spaniels, Evie and Lily, I ‘get’ spaniels!

Spaniels have been around since the romans were here, hunting alongside their human families.

They have so much energy! A highly desirable trait if you are planning a full day shooting.

These days most of us spaniel owners just want a happy dog that will play when we want and settle on an evening.

Through scent detection, gundog training or mantrailing you can harness their unique abilities; they are hugely satisfying, mentally stimulating activities that will leave your dog ‘happy tired’.


Why train with us

When my cocker spaniel Evie was younger, we loved to walk in the fields and woodland near where we live. We would let her off the lead and she would often disappear for up to 10 minutes at a time chasing deer or rabbits or generally causing mayhem somewhere. It was so embarrassing.

We had to do something. Just making some simple changes and playing some easy games with her totally transformed her behaviour and she is now a delight to take anywhere and my neighbours often refer to her as a little angel.

Thinking about what she was originally bred for really helped. Running around, scaring birds, and fetching fallen game ALL DAY LONG. No wonder she had so much energy!

Channeling that energy into productive pastimes we all enjoyed was crucial. She learnt how to be a sniffer dog, like the ones on the TV and also learnt to be a mantrailing (search and rescue) dog. She didn’t need to go off and hunt on her own anymore, we could do it together.

You too can have this!

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Founder and Lead Instructor

I have been supporting dogs and their owners for 4 years. I love high energy, working dogs and I feel that at our club there is something for every dog!

Briefly, I hold the following qualifications:

ScentWork UK instructor & judge,

UKCSD level 3 instructor, Mantrailing UK instructor, BMA handler cert and I have just finished a year long mentorship with CK9C

Fantastic! The secure field is perfect, and the training facilities are impressive too!

I've been training with Pure Dog Training for 18 months and could not have asked for a better dog trainer.

We have a wayward spaniel, and using a combination of scent training and mantrailing for an outlet for her love of hunting, and recall and dog training classes, we have seen a huge improvement in her behaviour.

Laura is brilliant with the dogs, and very knowledgeable. The class sizes are small and that enables her to tailor them to each dogs ability level and training needs.

Cannot recommend highly enough!


Laura made us feel welcome from our first class. Buddy is a friendly bouncy puppy and we wanted to work on his social skills, retrieval and loose lead walking and how we skill ourselves as a family to achieve the best for us all. The small class and personalised conversations online were part of our journey. We also joined an online recall group and shared our highs and lows with great support from Laura. I'd like Buddy to do more fun activities in the future; scent trailing, mantrailing etc. You have ti put the work in to get the results and Buddy has loved it!


Laura is lovely - so calm and full of ideas. I love her positive training and my dogs respond so well to the activities she plans. It is great to see a trainer taking on new ideas and running classes to share what she has learned. Clearly very passionate!


We did a 6-week puppy obedience course with Laura. The transformation in our Cocker Spaniel from being quite nervous at the start to gaining confidence each week was amazing. Can not recommend highly enough her relaxed and successful approach.


I did a scent workshop with Pure Dog Training, and both myself and the dog thoroughly enjoyed it. The workshop was well organised and it was in a great venue. Laura is very knowledgeable and patient, and was happy to work at my pace. Can't wait to go back and do another one!


We've been training with Laura for well over two years and we have loved all the challenges. Jasper is our energetic sprocker who has definately benefitted from the focus needed for scent work and mantrailing. He clearly loves these classes and has given us lots of activities to focus his intelligence at home. Lauras classes are laid back and set in more "real world" situations than more traditional scent work classes which suits him down to the ground. If you choose to train with Laura, not only will you find a supportive learning environment but you'll also find a group of like minded individuals. Its not often that you attend a class for such a length of time and find your training with exactly the same people. I've gained knowledge and friendships and look forward to continuing to be challenged. Laura is knowledgeable and passionate delivering a unique learning experience in the area.


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Teesside International Airport, Darlington DL2 1NL, UK

07850 632928

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