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Pure dog training

for fun, positive reinforcement and science based training classes and workshops in mantrailing, scent detection and general life skills



Do you remember playing hide and seek when you were a kid?

Fancy playing it with your dog?

We all have a unique odour, made up of lots of things, including our deodorant, soap, creams and sweat.

Every minute we lose or cast 40,000 skin cells. These tiny flakes of skin fall to the ground like confetti and leave a smelly trail for your dog to follow with their incredible nose.

Contrary to popular belief you do not need to be super fit. Each training trail is usually only around 300 metres long.

You work as a team with your dog to learn and practice problem solving skills such as crossing varied terrain, turns and road crossings. Your dog can learn to sniff something that the ‘missing’ person has touched or worn and be able to search for their unique trail.

The best thing about mantrailing is that it is so much fun! It can be used to channel excess energy into a constructive skill thereby increasing focus and concentration duration.

Suitable for all dogs, regardless of breed, age or type; it is a great way to spend time with your dog and enhance your relationship.

All dogs work on a long line, individually, making it perfect for dogs with poor recall and reactive dogs.


scent detection training


Did you know you can now do detection training with your dog for fun?!

Detection training (or scent work) is a dog sport teaching dogs to find a specific odour. Scent work harnesses a dog’s natural ability to hunt - all dogs have this ability, we are just harnessing their amazing sense of smell and turning it into a super fun activity to do with our dogs!


One of the many amazing things about this type of training is that it is fully accessible to all people and dogs, regardless of age, breed or disability. Dogs are always worked one at a time which means even dogs with confidence and reactivity issues can take part!


Scent Work also relies heavily on teamwork and it’s important to have a line of communication between you and your dog at all times. Dogs are typically worked on a lead, meaning that even dogs with a poor recall can take part.


Scent Work is also a low impact sport, which unlike some dog sports, means there is less pressure and stress on your dog’s joints allowing puppies, older dogs and those who need more careful exercise management to still join in on the fun.

about me


My promise to you as a trainer is to be approachable, positive and supportive. I only use positive reinforcement and science based methods to teach you and your dog simple, effective exercises to build focus, confidence and resilience. 

The classes I offer are well thought out, with a progressive curriculum. The sessions are fun and friendly and are the perfect opportunity to practice for real life situations in a safe and supportive, learning environment. The group size is limited to a maximum of 5 dogs or puppies, so that dogs and their owners are not overwhelmed and receive lots of one to one support. 

For me, all dogs, regardless of age, type or breed really benefit from having a 'job'; something that they can excel at and enjoy. 

Mantrailing and scent detection training do just that. 

I have 2 working cocker spaniels and a working springer spaniel and they thrive on training. Evie throws her harness at me when I get ready to go out trailing. 

Having trained with some amazing instructors, I achieved:

Skills for Justice level 3 Award in Mantrailing - Evie and I earned our team ticket, meaning we reached a grade strong enough for our trainers to put their name to us. 

Tracking and Trailing course -  accredited by Response Rescue International and Association of Professional Working Dogs. 

Mantrailing UK instructor course - achieving the highest practical scores awarded. 

UK College of Scent Dogs - level 3 handler certificate

UK College For Scent Work - Instructor course

Scent Work UK certified instructor

Scent Work UK judge. 

I love to learn and am a regular participant in dog training courses, both practical and online. I have learnt from some of the best instructors in the field of scent work and my thoughts are that there is always more to learn. 

With this in mind, I have several practical courses lined up for the rest of this year, including a specialist Human Remains Detection/ Cadaver course, accredited by Rescue Response International and Association of Professional Working Dogs. 


I continue to do mantrailing training (continuous training)

Fortunately, my spaniels love to be busy.



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